PM Imran Khan’s advice to the Pakistani youngsters

PM Imran Khan’s advice to the Pakistani youngsters

Prime Minister Imran Khan has advised youngsters to follow their dreams and burn their boats to achieve big goals in life.

During the inauguration ceremony of the Ravi Riverfront Urban Project in Lahore, the Prime Minister said that some people, including journalists, are trying to link Pakistan to its temporary problems, ignoring the vision that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is striving to realize. ------------------------------

He noted that if a journalist asks people stuck in a natural calamity, like the recent urban flooding in Karachi, they will only complain about their problems. These troubles are then linked to Naya Pakistan, he said.

“That is, however, not the Naya Pakistan. Rather, it is what I personally aspire for,” Khan said, quoting an old adverb, ‘don’t judge people on what they have achieved, but on what they aspire for.’

The premier said that all prominent leaders worldwide had a vision first, and then realized it. He quoted the example of Mahathir Mohamad, who has transformed Malaysia completely.

All big feats, national or personal, were dreamed first and achieved later. The PTI is dreaming big for Pakistan. Follow your dreams, burn your boats.