America and China clash at the UN Security Council

America and China clash at the UN Security Council

NEW YORK - United States and China clash at the United Nations Security Council over the Afghanistan Mission.

*The confrontation is reported over the issue of the extension of UN Mission to Afghanistan. The* US-China confrontation is threatening the fate of the UN’s mission to Afghanistan, known as UNAMA. The mission, whose mandate is due to expire on Tuesday, needs a resolution to be passed without vetoes, and the current resolution does not include provisions for China’s Belt and Road project.

While threatening a veto, China has also proposed a “short draft resolution,” which would keep UNAMA temporarily running, but this stopgap measure might not get the necessary nine votes, because some members may abstain.

The UN mission, which was established in 2002, is currently helping Afghanistan prepare for the Sept. 28 elections and is advocating for peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

UNAMA’s previous renewals all included encouragement for efforts like China’s Belt and Road initiative, because the project would aid trade and transportation.

But in March, the US and other council members wanted the language regarding the Belt and Road initiative removed, which triggered the stand-off with China. Currently, the mission is sustained by a temporary six-month provision.