PM House 102 luxurious cars auction today

PM House 102 luxurious cars auction today

ISLAMABAD – As a part of austerity drive, at least 102 luxurious cars of Prime Minister House will be put on auctioned on Monday.

The ruling government has hoped that the cars will add crores of rupees to the national treasure.

According to the latest advertisement, the fleet for auction includes 27 bullet-proof vehicles, several latest models of non-protected cars as well as vintage models.

Potential buyers can inspect the vehicles on September 13-14 at the Prime Minister’s House during office hours.

In his inaugural speech as country’s PM, Khan stressed austerity measures. The premier stated that he would only keep with himself two employees out of allotted 524. He also stated he would only use two cars whereas rest 31 bulletproof cars will be auctioned.

“We will auction the vehicles. Businessmen will be invited to purchase these expensive vehicles. The money will be deposited in the national exchequer,” he added.