PEMRA warns private media to refrain

PEMRA warns private media to refrain

ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has warned the private media.

PEMRA has asked the media houses to refrain from criticising judiciary, especially in reference to Diamer-Bhasha Dam fund, on live TV shows.

The statement reads:

“During the monitoring of satellite TV channels for the last few days, a trend has been observed wherein news and current affairs satellite TV channels have been found airing live footages, media conferences and media talks of different politicians, analysts and legal fraternity containing aspersions against the honourable judiciary, while referring to Diamer Bhasha Dam Fund, without any editorial control.”

“Moreover, it is also observed that news channels in their current affairs programmes/talk shows are repeatedly broadcasting derogatory remarks and comments against the superior judiciary,” the statement added.

The again advised TV channels to strictly adhere to PEMRA laws and ensure that no content is aired which contains aspersions against the judiciary or armed forces of Pakistan and “no programmes on sub-judice matters may be aired an in informative manner and shall be handled objectively”.