Iranian embassy attacked by anarchist group

Iranian embassy attacked by anarchist group

Athens: An anarchist group attacked the Iranian embassy in Athens early Monday, smashing windows and throwing red paint into the courtyard in protest at Tehran´s treatment of its Kurdish population, police said.

"The attack was claimed by the Rubicon group," a police official told AFP, adding that no arrests had yet been made.

The attack was carried out by about 10 members of the group at about 0300 GMT who, armed with iron bars, took the guard by surprise and then smashed windows in the waiting room.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, police said.

In a statement on the internet, the Rubicon group claimed the attack as a gesture of solidarity with the "Kurds of Iran".

The Rubicon group has carried out a series of similar attacks in recent years, targeting embassies, companies and public buildings, causing damage but no injuries.

In August, members of the group burst into the Austrian embassy, protesting against Vienna´s plans to extend the working day. - APP/AFP