India launches World's most dangerous smart fence along Pakistan border: Sources

India launches World's most dangerous smart fence along Pakistan border: Sources

NEW DELHI - India's first 'smart fence' which entails deploying laser-activated fences and technology-enabled barriers to plug vulnerable gaps along frontiers, will be launched by Home Minister Rajnath Singh in two 5-km each patches along the Indo-Pak border Monday.

Singh will travel to a forward area in Jammu to inaugurate the ambitious project as part of a day-long tour, a senior official said.

The technology is being implemented by the Border Security Force and senior officials of the paramilitary will present a demonstration of the activation and response mechanism of the 'smart fence' before the home minister, he said.

"Smart fencing uses a number of devices for surveillance, communication and data storage.

"Sensors like thermal imager, underground sensors, fiber optical sensors, radar and sonar will be mounted on different platforms like aerostat, tower and poles as part of the smart fence," he added.

The new system provides for round-the-clock surveillance on the border and in different weather conditions be it dust storm, fog or rain, the official said.

Director General KK Sharma had earlier said such gadgetry will be deployed along 2,400 km of India's border with Pakistan and Bangladesh in the future.

The initiative is part of the comprehensive integrated border management system (CIBMS) proposed to be deployed at these two borders by the Modi government as part of its decision to completely seal the two borders to stop infiltration and illegal migration.

The 'laser fence' and other gadgets have been integrated and a CCTV-like feed will be given to a BSF post so that immediate action can be taken against any intrusion or infiltration attempt, the official said.