Semi-mechanized mining technology for coal production in Punjab  

Semi-mechanized mining technology for coal production in Punjab  

LAHORE: (APP) The Punjab government has introduced semi-mechanized mining technology to get maximum production of local coal for operating its coal based power plants.

The modern technology would also be helpful in optimal utilization of domestic coal reserves, a senior official of the provincial mines and minerals department told APP here on Saturday.

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He said the government was restructuring the mining sector and huge incentives were also being offered to foreign investors in the mining sector.

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He said promotion of the latest technology in the mining sector and capacity building of the mines and minerals department was a priority of the Punjab government.

He said there were 600 million tons of local coal reserves in Salt Range area of the province and the Punjab government was providing maximum possible facilities and incentives to local and foreign investors, the private sectors and industrialists for mining of these coal reserves at low cost of production.

He said a number of coal based power projects, including 300 MW in Pind Dadan Khan and 1320 MW project in Sahiwal, were also in the pipeline that would help overcome energy challenges.