Israeli forces bombed a hospital in Gaza, over 500 palestinians martyred

Israeli forces bombed a hospital in Gaza, over 500 palestinians martyred

Gaza: As a result of the bombing on a hospital in Israel's Gaza, more than 500 Palestinians have been martyred.

According to a report from an international news agency, the Health Department indicates that there were a significant number of displaced civilians in the hospital, and there is concern that the number of casualties is more than 500.

In the bombing, doctors and staff were also martyred along with patients, and among the martyrs, there are women and children. A Palestinian doctor says that even after the Israeli attacks, the hospital is still on fire, and attacks on hospitals are intolerable.

Dr. Hussam Abu Safia in northern Gaza states that the hospital bombings are war crimes, and they are trying to save wounded children and pregnant mothers. In Gaza, Israel continues its series of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, and multiple disturbing reports have emerged in this regard.

Upon Israel's warning, some Palestinian civilians had headed towards southern Gaza, hoping to reach safety, but they met the same fate as those they were trying to escape, as they were martyred in Israeli airstrikes.

These casualties make it clear that reaching southern Gaza does not guarantee the safety of civilians, and there is no safe place for Palestinians to escape Israeli bombing.

Israel has issued threats of new offensives on Gaza, stating that they consider all armed forces in Gaza as potential targets in the next phase of the conflict, and something new may unfold this time.

After the blockade of Gaza, Egypt has also closed the Rafah Crossing, leaving hundreds of Palestinians trapped, and humanitarian aid is not reaching them. It is evident that in Israel's attacks on Gaza, around 3,000 Palestinians, including over a thousand women and children, have been martyred so far.