Hezbollah enters into war theatre against Israeli forces

Hezbollah enters into war theatre against Israeli forces

Hezbollah, the Lebanese political party and militant group, confirmed that it had targeted an Israeli military position across the occupied Lebanese-Palestinian border.

As a result of the attack, several Israeli soldiers were killed and wounded, and some military vehicles were also damaged. Hezbollah stated that the Islamic resistance had targeted Israeli enemy positions with missiles, resulting in the killing of several occupying soldiers.

The attack caused damage to two tanks and one military vehicle. Hezbollah further mentioned that it had targeted Israeli surveillance cameras and technical equipment installed on the walls of a fortified settlement on the border between Lebanon and Palestine using appropriate weapons, rendering them inoperable.

Additionally, the occupying forces acknowledged that after firing from southern Lebanon, 30 bullets were fired into Western Galilee. On Sunday morning, Hezbollah launched a missile attack on an Israeli military force in Western Galilee, resulting in the death of an Israeli soldier and injuries to others.

Al Jazeera reported, citing a source within Hezbollah, that they had confirmed the casualties among Israeli soldiers in the Shatula area. The Israeli military has announced that there have been casualties and injuries due to rocket fire from Lebanon.