China reiterates its stance on Palestine-Israel conflict

China reiterates its stance on Palestine-Israel conflict

In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, while participating in the 12th round of China-EU High-level Strategic Dialogue with Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, emphasized that China supports peace, justice, international law, the collective desires of most nations, and human conscience regarding the Palestinian situation.

He condemned actions causing harm to civilians and violations of international law, particularly in light of the recent conflict, which led to a severe humanitarian crisis. Wang stressed the importance of an immediate ceasefire, adherence to international humanitarian law, and the protection of civilian safety.

He also urged all concerned nations to maintain calm, objectivity, and fairness, allowing the United Nations to play its appropriate role in resolving the Palestinian issue. Wang disclosed that China is actively engaged in communication with relevant parties and will participate in UN Security Council emergency consultations.

The Chinese government supports UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' call for the protection of civilians and will provide humanitarian assistance to Gaza and the Palestinian National Authority through UN channels.

Wang reiterated that the Palestinian issue lies at the core of the Middle East problem, with its root cause being the unfulfilled aspiration of an independent Palestinian state and the historical injustices endured by the Palestinian people.

He underscored that both Israel and Palestine have the right to establish states and advocated for a two-state solution to ensure peaceful coexistence for both nations, as well as harmony between Arab and Jewish communities.

Wang emphasized that the only way to achieve lasting peace and security in the Middle East is through the full implementation of the two-state solution. This can be realized by resuming peace negotiations promptly and involving various mechanisms that promote peace effectively.

China's Special Envoy for the Middle East will soon visit relevant countries in the region to contribute positively to de-escalating the situation.

Wang called for the swift convening of a United Nations-sponsored conference to build international consensus on peace promotion and work towards a comprehensive, just, and enduring resolution to the Palestinian issue.