CAA revoked flight permit of a private airline in Pakistan


The flight permit of a private airline—Air Blue has been revoked by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) upon the violation of coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority on May 16 released the letter which highlighted that a private-owned airline’s flight PA613 was found violating coronavirus SOPs carrying 24 COVID-19 positive passengers from Dubai to Peshawar.

After the report came out, the CAA decided to revoke the airline’s flight permit from Dubai to Peshawar on May 17.

According to a spokesperson of CAA, the airline was found violating SOPs on May 16 bringing 27 coronavirus positive passengers in a Sharjah-Peshawar flight.

The report also identified that the negligence shown by the airline administration could result in the spread of the virus.

“The violations by the airline are endangering lives of passengers,” said a spokesman.