Pakistan is desirous of honorable return of Afghan migrants

Pakistan is desirous of honorable return of Afghan migrants

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid said that Pakistan wants honorable and dignified return of 3 million Afghan migrants to their homes while International Community should play their effective role in order to bring peace in Afghanistan .

While addressing a conference based on migrants here at today in Islamabad, Pervaiz Rashid pointed out that Afghan migrants arrival in Pakistan had been completely ignored by international media while 1.7 million Afghan migrants have been welcomed by Pakistan after Russian intervention in Afghanistan .

He further added that western media was only discussing about those Afghan migrants who were entering in Europe , America and Australia while Pakistan was ignored by global media in this regard.

Federal Minister emphasized on International community to play its role for establishing peace in Afghanistan so that Afghan migrants dignified return could be made possible.

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