Pakistan-China Military ties and Indian worries of Containment in Indian Ocean

NEW DELHI: Panic can be seen in India with the rising Pakistan-China rising military and Naval collaboration. India is considering that rising Pakistan-China Naval collaboration in Indian ocean is for containment of India.

It was reported in August last year that Pakistan was to acquire at least eight modified diesel-electric attack submarines from China by 2028 in a nearly USD 5 billion agreement, said to be the biggest arms export deal for the Communist giant.

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The first four submarines are expected to be delivered by the end of 2023 while the remaining four will be assembled in Karachi by 2028, as per PTI.

These are expected to form the sea-based arm of Pakistan's burgeoning nuclear second-strike triad.

China is Pakistan's biggest supplier of military hardware which included battle tanks, naval ships as well as fighter jets. The two jointly manufacture J-17 Thunder warplane.

Earlier, India has also expressed concern over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project being built in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and has maintained that it violates the country's sovereignty.

Beijing has invested more than $60 billion in CPEC aimed at connecting the western China with the Pakistani port of Gwadar near Karachi.

This ambitious multi-billion dollar joint venture is a combination of road and rail links that connect with Gwadar.

The venture has evoked a lot of reactions in India with some security analysts accusing China of encircling India to flex its geopolitical muscle in the region.