Mobile Phones worth 5 crores smuggling bid foiled at Airport

Security officials on Friday said that they had foiled an attempt to smuggle huge quantity of foreign origin smart phones of assorted brands from Air Freight Unit, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

According to reports, two Suzuki vans loaded with 32 cartons were identified and intercepted in front of Gerry's Danata Shed of Air Freight Unit, JIAP, Karachi.

On search, 1200 pieces of foreign origin mobile phones of assorted brands were recovered from one carton while remaining cartons were found to contain Toyota genuine auto/body parts of vehicles.

On preliminary inquiry, the drivers of the van failed to produce any legal document in respect of aforesaid mobile phones.

The carton containing mobiles phones was concealed within the cartons of auto parts and was delivered along with them.

Detailed examination confirmed recovery of 1200 units of smartphones of assorted brands of foreign origin.

The estimated value of recovered phones comes to Rs 48 million.