India is the most corrupt country of Asia: Forbes

India is the most corrupt country of Asia: Forbes

BERLIN: India has topped the list of most corrupt countries’ in Asia. It was stated that bribery had became common in every field including education, health and police.

American journal Forbes analysed the Transparency International’s report on corruption. It concluded that corruption in India had escalated after Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power.

People in the South-Asian country suffered from corrupt institutional system where offering bribe had become common in various fields including education, hospital, identification documents, utility services, police department and other basic necessities.

The percentage of people who give bribe in order to get their work done was recorded to be 69pc. It means that over half of the Indian population deals with bribery.

On the other hand, Pakistan ranked at number 4 in the list. The same percentage of people who offer bribe in the country was 40pc. The situation of bribery in other countries includes 65pc in Vietnam, 41 in Thailand and 40pc in Myanmar.