Pak Afghan relations are more important than Afghan India ties: Afghan Ambassador

Pak Afghan relations are more important than Afghan India ties: Afghan Ambassador

*ISLAMABAD: *Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Omar ZaKhilWal on Monday said that state institutions could not determine the ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and better ties were possible only through people to people contact.

“The culture, history and heritage of the two countries bear resemblance. No matter how tense the relations between the leadership of the two countries remain, the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan continue to meet each other. Thousands of people go across the borders daily,” he said while speaking to a private media outlet, Pakistan Today has reported.

The ambassador said that prevailing trust deficit between Pakistan and Afghanistan was not only due to incidents of the past, but recent policies were also a reason.

“The trust deficit existing between Pakistan and Afghanistan is not only due to past incidents but the recently made policies are a reason as well. However, both the countries will have to change their policies to forge good ties which can only become possible through mutual relations,” he said, adding that good relations between the two countries were in the better interests of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Replying to a question, he said that Afghanistan’s relations with Pakistan were more important than those with India. “2018 was a difficult year in this regard. But we don’t stand discouraged because we have learnt a lesson from our past mistakes.”

He observed that the Afghan army was highly talented. “Taliban is a threat and our armed forces are coping with them in the best way possible. People of Afghanistan and our armed forces have rendered unprecedented sacrifices in this war,” he added.

To a question, he said that Afghanistan did not believe in border fencing. “No ban should be imposed on the movement of people. This method is not successful in the 21st century. But we should work on projects under which people of both the countries meet each other like in Europe.”

Replying to another question, Dr Omar said that change was coming in Pakistani politics, which was a good omen. “Afghanistan is keeping a watchful eye on Pakistani politics. I hope this political change will bring about stability in Pakistan and the new rulers will prove to be the best for the country and its people,” he said.