National population Statistics: Dangerous trends of Urbanisation

National population Statistics: Dangerous trends of Urbanisation

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Total population of Pakistan touched the figure of almost 195 million till middle of the current year including 100 million male and 95 million female.

According to the figures of last Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey quoted in Annual Plan 2016-17 this figure included 86.3 million Urban and 108.5 million rural population.

The urban population has 44.5 million male and 41.8 female population whereas rural area figures included 55.9 million male and 52.6 million female people.

The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) was registered at 3.8 while the Crude Birth Rate for per thousand children is 24.8.

The figures further revealed that Crude Death Rate for per thousand remained six. The current Population Growth Rate is 1.9 percent while the Contraceptive Prevalence Rate in the country is 35 per cent.

The Life expectancy is 69.6 year with 70 years for women and 69.3 for men.

Talking to APP official sources said Pakistan is facing challenge of getting a balance between the population growth rate and sustainable development.

The major causes of over population are lack of family planning and reproductive health facilities, low contraceptive prevalence and literacy rate, early marriage, religious and cultural preference for male child and low female empowerment.

Population stabilization is central to optimal socio-economic development, since the gains of the economic development are diminished by the higher population growth rate.

They added that if the prevailing population and demographic trends continued, Pakistan's population is projected to be 227 million by 2025.