Unemployed PhD scholars: HEC takes an important decision

Unemployed PhD scholars: HEC takes an important decision

ISLAMABAD - The universities across the country in a meeting held here Thursday have committed themselves to review CVs of PhD holders uploaded on Higher Education Commission (HEC) website.

Recently, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Banazirabad has decided to offer jobs to 22 PhDs out of the 105 CVs in relevant disciplines, a press release said.

Similar decisions are likely to follow as other universities complete their recruitment formalities.

In this regard, Dr Tariq Banuri, Chairman HEC convened a meeting of all relevant Programme Coordinators at HEC to review the recommendations made by representatives of the unemployed PhDs.

The meeting led to a number of decisions including the launch of an exclusive research grant program which will be open to unemployed PhDs on a competitive basis.

The applicants will have to affiliate themselves with a university on an honorary basis to apply for the grant.

The decision has been taken for the establishment of a committee, to be chaired by Dr Farrukh Iqbal, Director, IBA Karachi to undertake an in-depth analysis of teacher-student ratio in various programs and recommend guidelines and standards for the enhancement of quality.

Another committee would be established to be chaired by Prof. Dr Masoom Yasinzai, Rector, IIU Islamabad to review the practice of over-reliance on visiting faculty and recommend guidelines and standards to reinforce.

A commission would be established which will conduct a study on the employment trends in various disciplines, in order to enable universities to focus their resources in fields where there is a high demand.

In this regard, the HEC has already shared available information on unemployed PhDs with universities and, advised them not to launch programs in areas where there is excess supply.

HEC has already collected data on unemployed PhDs and has set a target date of January, 31 for the launch of a consolidated Academic Jobs Portal.

The above decisions were made in response to a petition sent by representatives of unemployed PhDs following their meeting with the Chairman HEC and Mr Naeem ul Haq, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister.