PM directs mapping of heritage buildings

PM directs mapping of heritage buildings

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed for early completion of mapping of the buildings carrying historical and heritage value and promoting religious tourism in the country.

He made these remarks while chairing a meeting of national oversight committee adaptive re-use of public buildings having heritage value in Islamabad.

The Prime Minister said buildings with historical value, religious places and other tourism sites, spread across the country, carry huge tourism potential that needs to be introduced to the world.

He emphasized upon change in mindset that ensures preservation along with optimum utilization of the public buildings.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister reviewed progress on optimum use of various buildings including pm house, governor houses, state guest houses of Karachi and Lahore, Qasr-e-Naz and other buildings located in various parts of the country.

The Prime Minister said that objective of the step is to open-up these public buildings with historical value for the public, the real owners of these buildings.

He said preserving the historical buildings by putting in place a mechanism so that revenue is generated from them for their upkeep and maintenance and tax payers’ money is not used for maintenance purposes is also another objective of the step.