PM Imran Khan warns World of looming crisis

PM Imran Khan warns World of looming crisis

ISLAMBAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday stressed on a need to bring revolution in vision for future to overcome a looming agricultural crisis.

The premier was addressing the governing council of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) virtually. He highlighted that hunger has affected 600 million people across the globe as total population is set to swell to eight billion.

He said countries face various challenges while recovering from the outfall of the COVID-19 pandemic and achieving sustainable development goals.

He said that the pandemic is likely to push another 100m people into extreme poverty, adding that more than 20 countries faced food insecurity. The World Food Programme had also warned of the sever famine in poorest countries.

"The world faces multiple challenges in recovering from the pandemic and achieving [the] vital first two sustainable development goals (SDGs) — no poverty and zero hunger," the premier said.

There is a lack of financing, shortage of investment, trade distortions, unsustainable and consumption patterns, degradation of agricultural land and forest, an impending water crisis, loss of biodiversity, and polluted rivers and oceans, he said.

"We need a revolution and a vision for the future. The COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis should drive home the message to all — rich and poor and weak or powerful — that we will perish or survive together," the premier said.

“We need a common global plan for the survival and prosperity of all mankind,” the prime minister said, adding that he had proposed a debt suspension porgramme for poor countries last year.

He also proposed a five-point agenda to revive agricultural sectors of the developing countries.