Pakistan offers yet another brotherly country to join CPEC as strategic partner

Pakistan offers yet another brotherly country to join CPEC as strategic partner

ISLAMABAD - Considering Turkey’s interest to join CPEC, it is vital for the government of Pakistan to enable a business-friendly environment.

The Turkish investors should be facilitated with same preferential treatment offered to Chinese working on CPEC. CPEC is a golden opportunity to cash Turkish potential in industrialization and business.

TURKISH President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is highly regarded in Pakistan for being vocal on issues that affect the Muslim Ummah.

He once again won the hearts of Pakistani nation on Friday when he during his address to the joint sitting of Parliament as well as during news conference along with PM Imran Khan, not only voiced serious concern over the plight of oppressed and innocent Kashmiris but also supported Pakistan’s stance for resolution of the outstanding dispute through peaceful means and dialogue.

Since Erdogan has emerged on the global scene as an important leader whose voice is heard and given weightage, we are confident that will continue to highlight the situation of India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir at other important world forums.

The pressure from Muslim Ummah indeed will compel the repressive Indian government to reconsider his policies, lift restrictions in the occupied territory and move towards its solution.

Whilst Turkey has always supported Pakistan on important matters including Kashmir and extended all-out support at the FATF, it is really heartening to see that the country now wants to build a strong bilateral economic partnership. The MoUs signed during the visit of Erdogan is a testimony to it.

And whilst addressing Pakistan-Turkey Business Forum, the Turkish President expressed the resolve to take the bilateral trade to five billion dollars.

Given the level of trust and understanding that exists between the two countries, we think that the trade volume can considerably be increased to much higher levels, and for this both the sides need to maintain the level of engagements at different levels and learn from each other’s experience in different areas.

It was also the first time that the Turkish President also expressed interest in multibillion dollarsChina-PakistanEconomicCorridor project saying the project should be better explained to Turkish entrepreneurs.

Whilst Pakistan is readying itself to open special economic zones under the CPEC, the investment of Turkish businessmen in them can really prove to be pivotal for Pakistan to make them a complete successful story.

Turkey is defined by economists and political scientists as one of the world’s newly industrialized countries.

The country is also among the world’s leading producers of agricultural products, textiles, motor vehicles, transportation equipment, constructional material, consumer electronics and home appliances.

We, therefore, will urge our authorities to deeply and proactively engage with the Turkish businessmen about these SEZs and extend to them the same kind of facilities that have been made available to Chinese friends.