Pakistan out performs India in renewable energy: Report

Pakistan out performs India in renewable energy: Report

The report titled, ‘Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE)’ showed that Pakistan did better than regional peers such as Bangladesh and India in adopting renewable and green energy, scoring 77 points to land a place in the ‘green zone’. India and Bangladesh scored 67 and 57 points, respectively.

Position in the green zone indicates strong legal and regulatory frameworks for renewable energy are in place.

Additionally, basic policy measures to support renewables are in operational, with more technical or costly measures far less common.

With 27 indicators covering 111 countries and representing 96% of the world population, RISE provides a reference point to help policymakers benchmark their sector policy and regulatory framework.

RISE classifies countries according to whether they score in the green zone (67-100), yellow zone (34-66) or red zone (0-33).