Indian bowler dies on field in Kerala

Indian bowler dies on field in Kerala

LAHORE: A 20-year-old Padmanabh, a bowler participating in local underarm cricket tournament in the Kasaragod district of Kerala in the southern part of India .

The bowler suffered a cardiac arrest and fell on ground when he was on his way to bowl a delivery.

Padmanabh was ready to bowl another ball and as he approached the crease he probably suffered the arrest and fell down on the ground, Indian media reported.

He was taken to a nearby hospital but could not survive.

Some other cricketers had also lost their lives in such incidents on cricket field.

Australian batsman Phillip Hughes had died after being hit on the back of his head by a bouncer during a Sheffield Shield game.

Another Indian cricketer, Ankit Kesari had lost his life following the injuries he got during a collision on the field.