PM Shehbaz Shrarif to be removed from key slot of PMLN party president?

PM Shehbaz Shrarif to be removed from key slot of PMLN party president?

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is reportedly in the process of rejuvenating the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), as per sources cited by ARY News on Wednesday. Initiating consultations with senior party leaders, Sharif aims to revitalize the party's activities.

In a move advised by reliable PML-N sources, Sharif is considering separating the government and party offices, including central and provincial presidents, and secretary generals. The proposed restructuring suggests reinstating the party's presidential office and altering the secretary general position. However, decisions regarding other party offices are deferred for later consideration.

To gauge support for these changes, Nawaz Sharif is expected to convene meetings with divisional and district presidents of the party. If the majority supports the proposal, he plans to summon a session of the PML-N General Council to formally introduce changes to key party offices.

Emphasizing a shift in focus towards Punjab instead of the central government, Nawaz Sharif, as the PML-N's supreme leader, has directed the party leadership accordingly.

He stressed the importance of delivering results in the province before contemplating the next election.

Despite the proposed dichotomy between party and government offices, immediate implementation is unlikely for Punjab's Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz. As she holds the senior vice president's position within the party, her role will be considered separately at a later stage.