World War III and rise of Russia, predicts Baba Vanga

World War III and rise of Russia, predicts Baba Vanga

MOSCOW - She is believed to have predicted the 9/11 attacks much before the actual attacks on the Twin Towers took place in New York. She also is credited to have seen into the future and observed the rise of Islamic State. For those who believe that she can indeed look into the future, Baba Vanga's remark on World War 3 and Russia's might would send alarm bells ringing.

Indeed, the 'Balkan Nostradamus’ - as she is also referred to - has predicted that World War 3 will end with Russia emerging even more powerful than it currently is. "Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia, are the only things that will remain," Baba Venga is believed to have said before her death in 1996 at age 85.

"Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world." That the current international situation is tense enough to give Vanga's prediction some degree of credibility is for all to see.

The Syrian crisis has worsened in the last few weeks with US, Britain and France launching co-ordinated missile strikes despite strong warnings from Russia. Their actions have led to fears that this might well be the trigger for World War 3 even as major countries in the world have called for restraint and talks within the UN. Outside, there is only an uneasy calm.

While a Kremlin-owned TV channel recently warned viewers to stock up on emergency supplies because a World War may be round the corner, Venga's prediction too is being highlighted by conspiracy theorists as reason enough to press the panic button. After all, she had reportedly made several shocking predictions and several did eventually manifest.

It is not certain however is the mystic did in fact have supernatural powers. According to a report in UK's Express, locals in Venga's village were mostly sceptical about her predictions and many even said that she looked at faces and then repeated sentences she had memorised.

Nonetheless, the tensions between the United States and Russia are only mounting with each passing day. Washington has warned of more sanctions against Russia <link>while Russian President Vladimir Putin has countered <link> by accusing western powers of trying to destabilise global peace.