Emirates, Etihad Airlines discount offers for summer trips


DUBAI - Emirates Airlines said on Monday that UAE flyers can secure fares for flights within the region for less than Dh1,000 and to European destinations for just a little over Dh2,000.

Tickets are being given away to early birds who book Economy seats on Middle East flights for as low as Dh795 and Dh2,135 on destinations in Europe. For flights to West Asia and Indian Ocean, special fares start at Dh945 and to the Far East and Australasia at Dh2,035.

Business Class tickets on Middle East flights can be had for Dh3,155 and on Europe at Dh9,395. For flights to West Asia and Indian Ocean, premium tickets cost at least Dh2,835 and Dh8,895 for flights to the Far East and Australasia.

Emirates’ special fares are up for grabs starting today, Monday, until April 30 2018 and apply to outbound travel between April 19 and December 13, 2018.

At Etihad, flyers can enjoy fares of as low as Dh1,960 for trips to Singapore, Dh2,240 for flights to Bangkok and Dh2,510 for flights to Male. Frankfurt-bound flyers can secure tickets for as low as Dh2,520.