Railways Freight sector earns Rs. 10585.9 mln in 2015-16

Railways Freight sector earns Rs. 10585.9 mln in 2015-16

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan Railways revenues earned from Freight sector have reached Rs. 10585.9 million in 2015-16, showing a reasonable 81 per cent increase as compared to four years back.

During year 2012-13, the revenues earned from freight sector were Rs. 1984.8 million. The freight operation in 2012-13 had almost come to a grinding halt with less than one train per day from Karachi Port which has increased at an average of 10 trains per day in 2016.

Official sources while detailing the benefits achieved through induction of new locomotives in railways on Monday said availability of locomotives has increased 62 % as before induction of these, the daily available locomotives for operational purpose were 180 which is now 293 daily per average.

The sources said punctuality of mail express trains has been improved tremendously and added during 2013 there were total 90Passenger Trains operational which increased upto 106 in 2016.

Pakistan Railways will start new passenger train very soon which includes Kohat Passenger to run between Rawalpindi and Kohat, Harnai Passenger to run between Sibi and Harnai and Mehran Express from Karachi to Mirpur Khas.

Apart from that Jaffar Express has been extended from Rawalpindi to Peshawar.

During financial year 2012-13 revenue earned from passenger sector was Rs. 13,536.130 million, the sources said and added on the induction of new locomotives and steps taken by the government, the revenues earned from passenger sector during the financial year 2015-16 have reached Rs. 20,364.7 millions, showing almost 34 per cent increase.

As per details, 77 new locomotives have been inducted in system of Pakistan Railways during last five years.

Fourteen (14) locomotives have been received up till April, 2017, remaining 41 will be received up to July, 2017.

Pakistan Railways has fleet of 448 locomotives out of which 293are functional and 155 are non functional.

Status of non-functional locomotives is as under:

Ninety Three (93) DE Locomotives are under maintenance/heavy repairs presently and will be made completely operational by June, 2018. This is, however, an ongoing exercise as running Locomotives have to be detained for carrying out routine schedules/overhauls.

The sources said 62 Chinese locomotives are held up since long requiring heavy repairs; the rehabilitation plan of these locomotives is under consideration subject to a feasibility study to establish that the rehabilitation will be economical, keeping in view residual life of these locomotives.

Moreover, 194 locomotives have been added in the system out of which 174 locomotives were special repaired and 20 locomotives were rehabilitated during last five (05) years.

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