Mashal Khan murder case takes another twist as friends unveil truth

Mashal Khan murder case takes another twist as friends unveil truth

PESHAWAR: Mashal Khan murder case mystery seems to resolve with every passing day as it is becoming clear now that the university student Mashal Khan is not guilty of blasphemy rather some of his colleagues staged all this horrible episode against him to settle down their own grudges.

Mashal Khan friends have revealed the truth before the Police and the Magistrate.

Friend of Mardan lynching and survivor Abdullah stated on Monday that he was attached when he refused to testify against Mashal Khan in blasphemy allegations. Last week, a journalism students Mashal Khan was tortured and shot dead over an argument with a group of varsity mates.

Abdullah rejected all allegations of blasphemy against him and Mashal. He was one of the three students in Abdul Wali Khan University who were accused of committing blasphemy, other two being Mashal Khan and Zubair.

While recalling the events before a judicial magistrate, he told that he was amongst the three being accused of spreading ‘blasphemous content’. He rejected the allegations and stated that some students, namely Muhammad Abbas, Mudassir Bashir and other, had forced him to testify against Mashal Khan in blasphemy case.

Consequently, these angry students attacked him. “I was rescued by the police before hiding in a bathroom to escape the attack,” he told.

The three friends got to know each other as they shared similar views. Abdullah told that he was called by these students and told that the three had deviated from the right path as they committed blasphemy.

After hearing such a claim, he recited Kalma-i-Tayyaba straight away to prove his faith. Abbas and others asked Abdullah to testify against Mashal which he refused. He was attacked by the mob afterwards while being fortunate enough to be rescued by the police and teachers.

However, he got to know in the hospital that his friend had been killed by the same mob. Abdullah himself approached the police and law enforcement agencies to identify Mashal’s murderers using video footages. “I want justice for us all,” he told while reinforcing that they were innocent.

Abdullah went on to blame the varsity administration and told that Mashal had earlier criticised the university officials for misuse of authority and lack of responsibility.

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