China holds advance Military Exercises in South China Sea

BEIJING:  China hold advance military exercises in South China Sea.


The drills include training in electromagnetic environment, improvement of combat effectiveness, all weather drills including beyond visibility range training and low-altitude drills.


Division commander Tian Junqing said “To think about special situations in an even more complex way, to make the enemy situation even more dangerous, to make the battlefield environment even more lifelike, is an important path in order for the navy and air force to stick close to the demands and of real combat and accelerate its transformative production model for fighting strength,”


South China Sea has rival claims from regional countries including Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines and Taiwan but China claimed the whole.


China is building artificial islands in the South China Sea.


More than $5 trillion world trade passes through South China Sea every year.


China is also building artificial islands in the disputed sea to control the parcel chain.


On the other side, a Chinese military aircraft landed on island in South China Sea for the first time that rose several concerns.


US claimed that it is a proof that China is militarizing the disputed sea.