Sikhs For Justice officially launch "Khalistan Referendum - II" across the World

Sikhs For Justice officially launch

In a daring move that has garnered attention and sparked controversy, the secessionist organization known as "Sikhs For Justice" (SFJ) has officially declared the upcoming "Khalistan Referendum-II," slated for October 29, 2023, in Surrey, BC, Canada. This announcement has emerged amidst heightened discussions regarding pro-Khalistan activities in Canada and the principled positions taken by leaders from both the Liberal and Conservative parties on this issue.

SFJ, an advocate for an independent Khalistan, has also revealed its intention to conduct the "Shaheed Nijjar Kill India Referendum," addressing the question of whether Indian High Commissioner Verma bears responsibility for the assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, the General Counsel of SFJ, conveyed their cause, drawing parallels with historical events, stating, "Pro Khalistan Sikhs have traversed a significant journey from bullets to the ballot to free Punjab from Indian occupation." This declaration echoes the enduring aspirations of pro-Khalistan Sikhs for an autonomous homeland.

These referendums come on the heels of the recent Khalistan Referendum-I, held on September 10th at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara. During this event, over 135,000 Sikhs exercised their voting rights, while more than 50,000 individuals were unable to cast their votes before the conclusion of the voting period.

Canada's stance on the Khalistan issue has been a subject of discussion, with Prime Minister Trudeau defending the right of Canadian Sikhs to peacefully advocate for Khalistan during the G20 summit. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre also shared his perspective, emphasizing the importance of freedom of expression in Canada. He drew a comparison to Quebec separatists, highlighting that those who believe in the Khalistani cause have the same right to express themselves, even to the extent of having representation in the House of Commons.

The announcement of Khalistan Referendum-II and the accompanying "Kill India Referendum" has ignited a passionate debate within the Sikh community and on the broader Canadian political stage as discussions concerning the future of Khalistan continue to evolve