Pakistan - Iran Border: Important developments reported

Pakistan - Iran Border: Important developments reported

Pakistan and Iran have reached a mutual understanding regarding the implementation of additional gates at the Mir Javeh-Taftan border crossing. This significant development aims to facilitate the seamless exchange of goods and the movement of individuals across the shared border.

The Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan, D. Reza Amiri Moghaddam, engaged in discussions with Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Malik Amjed Zubair Tiwana at the FBR Headquarters. Notably, the meeting witnessed the participation of key officials from both sides, including Member (Admin), Member Customs (Operations), and senior FBR representatives.

The focal points of their deliberations encompassed customs-related matters, the imperative need for efficient border management, and the uninterrupted flow of cross-border trade activities. Special emphasis was placed on enhancing operations at the Mir Javeh-Taftan border crossing.

Furthermore, the possibility of installing additional gates at this crucial juncture to ensure smooth trade activities and accommodate pilgrims was also explored. Ambassador Moghaddam highlighted the potential benefits of operationalizing the Rimdan-Gabd crossing point, which could further bolster bilateral trade between the two nations.

In their commitment to fortify ties, Pakistan and Iran pledged to intensify trade and communication channels, reinforcing their fraternal relationship. Chairman FBR assured unwavering support in addressing customs-related concerns, fostering an environment conducive to greater bilateral trade. Additionally, both sides concurred on scheduling another meeting later in the month, where officials from both nations will collaborate to resolve any outstanding border-related issues.

This collaborative effort underscores the shared commitment to fostering economic cooperation and harmonious border management between Pakistan and Iran