General Elections can be delayed due security threats?

General Elections can be delayed due security threats?

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq, in a recent interview with Voice of America, conveyed his unwavering determination to ensure that the forthcoming general elections in Pakistan proceed without delay, despite looming security threats along the nation's borders. PM Kakar underscored his confidence in overcoming these challenges and ensuring the smooth completion of the electoral process.

Kakar emphasized that comprehensive measures would be implemented to guarantee the seamless progression of the election proceedings, with a steadfast commitment to upholding the democratic values of Pakistan.

In response to a query regarding the suggested election date by President Arif Alvi, PM Kakar clarified that the Election Commission of Pakistan holds the discretion to announce the election date, asserting the limited role of his government in this matter.

Furthermore, PM Kakar reiterated that the interim government stands prepared to provide the Election Commission of Pakistan with the necessary financial resources and security measures to facilitate the electoral process effectively. When questioned about freedom of expression in the country, he affirmed that Pakistan's regional indicators in this regard are notably more favorable.

Highlighting Pakistan's unwavering dedication to addressing the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, PM Kakar pledged to continue raising this long-standing issue at both global and regional forums. He stressed that this dispute remains one of the most enduring items on the agenda of the UN Security Council.

The Prime Minister did not shy away from condemning the ongoing human rights violations occurring in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He painted a grim picture of the region, describing it as the world's largest prison, where the voices of Kashmiris are systematically suppressed, underscoring the urgent need for international attention to rectify this dire situation