Pakistani team Director Mickey Arthur lands in trouble

Pakistani team Director Mickey Arthur lands in trouble

After losing to India, former cricketers criticized Mickey Arthur for his statements and accused him of making unjust justifications. Pakistani ex-cricketers advised national team's director, "Don't engage in side-talk, instead, explain why the team lost." After the defeat in the World Cup, Mickey Arthur had said it was not an ICC event but a BCCI event.

The former stars criticized him strongly, stating that Mickey's statement is an attempt to divert attention from the loss, and he should focus on finding the real reason for the defeat instead of making such statements.

Swing King and former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram questioned the reason behind Mickey Arthur's comments, expressing his confusion. They asked the team director to clarify the plan against Kuldeep Yadav, wanting to hear meaningful information, not empty talk, and believed this approach wouldn't help.

Another former captain of the national team, Moin Khan, mentioned that Mickey Arthur is trying to add an emotional twist to the issue and that he wants to divert attention from the loss.

He emphasized that instead of discussing unrelated matters, there is a need to focus on their work. He suggested that what he said might be correct, but it's not something he should be discussing.