ICC reacts on Pakistani team Director Mickey Arthur statement

ICC reacts on Pakistani team Director Mickey Arthur statement

The International Cricket Council (ICC) chairman responded to Pakistan Team Director Mickey Arthur's criticism regarding the Pakistan vs. India match. Arthur had voiced his disappointment about the match appearing more like a 'BCCI event' than an ICC one. In response, the ICC chairman mentioned that they would assess the criticism.

He acknowledged that criticism is common for all events, and they would consider feedback to improve future events. The chairman emphasized that this particular event was still in its early stages, and they would evaluate how it unfolds to identify potential changes and enhancements for World Cups and cricket-related offerings.

He concluded by expressing confidence that the event would ultimately be an outstanding World Cup and suggested taking a wait-and-see approach.

Pakistan team director Mickey Arthur had expressed his disappointment over the limited presence of Pakistani fans at the eagerly anticipated India vs. Pakistan ICC World Cup match held at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

He commented that the atmosphere didn't resemble an ICC event and felt more like a bilateral series or a BCCI-sponsored event. He noted the absence of popular Pakistani chants like 'Dil, Dil Pakistan.' These remarks were made during a post-match press conference.