BCCI reacts on Pakistani team Director Mickey Arthur remarks in India

BCCI reacts on Pakistani team Director Mickey Arthur remarks in India

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) responded to Mickey Arthur's remarks about "Dil Dil Pakistan." They explained that the song wasn't played due to the absence of Pakistani fans at the venue. In response to Indian media queries about Arthur's comments, a BCCI official stated that such songs are played when there are fans in the stadium, but since there were no Pakistani fans present, it wasn't played.

These comments from the BCCI official came after Pakistan's cricket team director complained during a post-match press conference, expressing disappointment in not hearing "Dil Dil Pakistan" and describing the atmosphere as one-sided, referring to the contest as a "BCCI event." Arthur, Pakistan's cricket team director, elaborated on this, stating that it didn't feel like an ICC event and seemed more like a bilateral series or a BCCI-hosted event.

Arthur's comments did not sit well with the Indian media, and they reacted strongly to his "BCCI event" remarks. Responding to Arthur's statements about "Dil Dil Pakistan," the BCCI official raised the question of when they should have played the song, suggesting moments during the match when critical events occurred, such as when players like Babar and Rizwan got bowled or when Rohit Sharma hit a six off Shaheen Afridi.

According to the Indian media, Arthur wanted to discuss the matter further but refrained from doing so due to fears of potential penalties.

Arthur's comments were later echoed by Pakistan's head coach, Grant Bradburn, who expressed sadness about the absence of Pakistani supporters, calling it an unusual situation. Bradburn mentioned that both Pakistan and Indian cricket fans would appreciate having supporters from both sides at the venue.