India prepares NSG Force for multi city, multiple attacks

India prepares NSG Force for multi city, multiple attacks

NEW DELHI - The National Security Guards (NSG) - India's elite counter-terrorism force, is for the first time preparing its personnel for the newest security challenge for 'multi-city and multiple attacks' in India, India Today has reported.

A top source in the NSG said, "The force has been actively conducting mock drills with multiple targets and multi city attack."This involved NSG Commando's from its headquarters in Delhi, and various regional hubs. The idea was to put to test the real potential in case of multiple attacks."

India witnessed the gruesome attacks of 26/11 which killed 166 people in the year 2008, this was also an example of a multi-target attack. The intelligence input at the time had called it a "curtain raiser". But there have been key advances in technology and strategy.

Besides electronic gadgetry which assists the NSG commandos, the elite force has also procured head-mounted K9 camera system for its dog squad, in order to facilitate a 360 degree vision to the handlers and operation. The mock drills are perfect to test the ability of the force.

The technology enables commanders in anti-terror operations like room intervention and assaults. Sources say the operational commander can witness what the dog is seeing through the set of cameras mounted on the goggles.

In case of a next terror attack, there is very likely scenario that the four-legged soldier would go for the kill, followed by human soldiers.

Albeit post 26/11, terror attacks have been largely limited to the western border with Pakistan. There has been two terror attacks in Punjab: Gurdaspur in July 2015 and attack on Pathankot Airbase in 2016.

The force is preparing its commandos for any imminent action.