PM Nawaz Sharif address at the Khairpur Matewali military exercise 

PM Nawaz Sharif address at the Khairpur Matewali military exercise 

KHAIRPUR TAMEWALI: (APP) Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Wednesday categorically said any attempt to harm Pakistan's security and territorial integrity would be met with a "befitting response".

"There is no doubt that the country's armed forces are battle-hardened and ready to confront any external and internal security challenges," the Prime Minister said in his remarks after witnessing the military exercise 'Raad ul Barq', jointly conducted by Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force.

Nawaz Sharif said the enemies of Pakistan had made their intentions well-known against its national integrity and economic prosperity, however said "determination and resilience of our armed forces is a shield that counters any nefarious designs by our adversaries."

He said exercise Raad ul Barq denoted the commitment of the country's armed forces for the cause of national defence and expressed satisfaction that their enhanced capabilities made them "one of the finest fighting forces of the world".

He expressed gratitude to the servicemen who were "all-time vigilant and ready to make supreme sacrifices for the sake of country".

"The strength of our national defence emanates from the integration of all components of our defence structure that act as one body and an impregnable bulwark against enemy," he said.

The Prime Minister said no country could remain oblivious of its national security and added that "Our strategic vision gives utmost priority to the defence of our motherland."

He said the government was following the policy of non-interference in other countries' internal affairs and expected the same to enable lasting peace in the region.

He mentioned that Pakistan had been a major target of terrorism being supported and financed mainly by external actors.

"No country can tolerate such attacks on its sovereignty.

Our nation and armed forces are successfully countering the malicious designs of our foes," he said.

He said, "We will not be deterred by the perpetrators of terrorism who will find us even more determined to eradicate this evil, and we are steadfast against all anti-state activities."