Breakthrough in Pak US ties, High level delegation to arrive in Islamabad to address Pakistani reservations: Sources


KARACHI: Tensions between Pakistan and the US have simmered down after Col Joseph, the US military attache responsible for the death of a young Pakistani man by running a red traffic light was able to leave country

American authorities, insiders added, have reassured their Pakistani counterparts that they want good relations with Pakistan. The Trump administration has sped efforts up on a diplomatic level to address Pakistan’s reservations, with some high level officials due to visit the country soon.

It is reported that the Trump administration might remove the restrictions it imposed on Pakistani diplomats, stationed in the US . According to a high level government source, many American diplomats have been in contact with their Pakistani counterparts over the man’s death.

According to sources, the federal government had not allowed Col Joseph to leave as the situation was being reviewed under the Vienna Convention rules, as Pakistan is bound to follow it.

Sources say that Pakistan will keep its policy of “no do more” and equal bilateral relations with the United States.

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