Forward Bloc of 50 MNAs exists in PML-N: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD: Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rashid hoped that PM Nawaz would respond all the questions of United opposition but agitation politics would continue till the resignation of PM Nawaz if he could not succeed to satisfy opposition.

While talking to media here at today in Islamabad, Sheikh Rashid made it clear that we want across the board accountability in Pakistan while Imran Khan should also explain himself over his offshore company.

PM Nawaz should go home if he wants to save democracy, Sheikh Rashid advised saying that it is the first time that he has sent a message to CM Shahbaz and Ch. Nisar after 16 years stating that they should come on front taking resignation of PM Nawaz if they want to see continuity of democracy in Pakistan.

He further revealed that a forward block consist of 50 to 60 members has become in PML-N government that could come on front at any time.

Sheikh Rashid claimed that he knew the name of next Prime Minister but he would not disclose at that time.

He further stated that FBR should issue notices to 500 people including Imran Khan if PM Nawaz succeed to respond the questions of opposition and joint TORs should be made by government and opposition in order to form inquiry commission.

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