F-16 to be purchased from other countries if USA refuses

F-16 to be purchased from other countries if USA refuses

ISLAMABAD: Defense Minister Khawaja Asif made it clear that F-16 jets would be purchased by Pakistan from other countries for the sake of country defense if United States refuses to give jets to Pakistan.

While talking to media here at today in Islamabad, Defense Minister said that to acquire F-16 jets is the right of Pakistan while we are partner of United States in war against terrorism to establish peace in the region.

He pointed out that Operation Zarb-e-Azab would be affected if F-16 jets are not provided by America to Pakistan.

While expressing his concerns, Khawaja Asif complained that India is being equipped with nuclear weapons by whole world but on the other hand, Pakistan is not being provided few F-16 aircrafts by USA so this is dual standard.

Ups and downs are part of Pak-USA relations but collectively both countries relations are better as compare to past years. USA lower house Congress is opposing to provide F-16 aircrafts to Pakistan but its right of Pakistan.

He further revealed that several lobbies are working in United States against Pakistan while India is at the top of the list among them.

Talking about Shakeel Afridi and Haqqani network , he said that Pakistan consider all networks bad while Shakeel Afridi is involved in several crimes in Pakistan and investigation is underway against him.

He stated that Shakeel Afridi is internal matter of Pakistan and USA does not need to interfere in this matter.

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