Benazir Bhutto National Squash championship for women inaugurated

Benazir Bhutto National Squash championship for women inaugurated

RAWALPINDI: (APP) Benazir Bhutto National Squash championship for women inaugurated


The First Benazir Bhutto Shaheed National Women and Junior Boys Squash Championship under the slogan of 'Sports for Peace' has been inaugurated here at Benazir Bhutto Squash Complex , Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi on Sunday.


The Championship is being organized under the auspices of Global Peace Foundation in collaboration with Rawalpindi Islamabad Zonal Squash Association in which more than 100 squash players are participating.


While addressing to the inaugural ceremony of the championship, the chairman of Global Peace Foundation Haji Muhammad Gulzar Awan said that Sport plays a vital role in improving fitness, health and education-provide opportunities of employment-fosters non-violence, fair competition, team-work, co-operation and respect- bridges cultural and ethnic divides- makes possible cross cultural dialogue, understanding, unity, tolerance and peaceful-coexistence, he added saying more active participants and passive spectators learn these values which leads towards peace, tolerance and harmony.


Haji Muhammad Gulzar Awan mentioned sport is not only a physical activity but an area where people interact socially.


He said giving this championship the name of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed is not a political aspires but to pay tribute to her services she rendered for Peace, Women and democracy.


Mr. Sajid Kaleem, C.E.O. Global Peace Foundation said we are going to launch a series of massive programs to promote culture of peace and pluralism while involving all segments of our society.





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