US CENTCOM Commander hints at rise of ISIS in Afghanistan

US CENTCOM Commander hints at rise of ISIS in Afghanistan

Commander of US Central Command General Frank Kent McKenzie said that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria-Khorasan branch (ISIS-K) re-constitutes itself and will be able to conduct attacks out of Afghanistan in 12 to 18 months.

The US CENTCOM commander added, though the Taliban have been suppressing the terror groups across Afghanistan but warned that ISIS-K will ramp up its attacks in the summer even in Kabul.

McKenzie in his final appearance before Senate Panel said the Taliban did not help themselves by releasing one thousand ISIS-K affiliates from Afghanistan’s jail following their takeover in August last year.

“While the security situation in parts of Afghanistan may have improved since the Taliban takeover in August, I’m not sure it’s a place you want to be.” Said McKenzie.

The US General’s concern over ISIS-K in Afghanistan comes as the de facto authorities in Kabul deny the terror group to be a threat to Afghanistan or other countries from Afghanistan.

Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi in his recent speech in Antalya’s Diplomacy Forum said that the US along with NATO failed to defeat ISIS-K in Afghanistan but they (the Taliban) uprooted the militants from Afghanistan.

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