Yusaf Raza Gillani lashes out at Hussain Haqqani

Yusaf Raza Gillani lashes out at Hussain Haqqani

KARACHI: Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Yusaf Raza Gillani lashed out at Ex Ambassador Hussain Haqqani .

Former Prime Minister (PM) Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that Hussain Haqqani has no worth and significance.

While talking to media after hearing in Karachi’s anti-corruption court, Gilani asserted that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) should not adopt an apologetic behaviour as Haqani and his statements are of no value.

He said that the media is uselessly providing attention to him.

He stressed that Abbotabad commission report should surface and talks should be held with him and his foreign minister over the matter.

Haqani had claimed in a Washington Post article that PPP government was taken into confidence over the Abbotabad operation.

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