Religious Parties warn government of 1977 like agitation on women protection bill


ISLAMABAD: Religious parties have given deadline of 27th March to Punjab government to withdraw from women protection bill otherwise government will have to face like 1977 agitation on women protection bill.


As per details, the meeting of all religious parties was held in Mansoora here at Tuesday. Ameer JUI (F) Fazal ur Rehman, Ameer JI Siraj ul Haq, Moulana Sami ul Haq, Hafiz Saeed, Pir Haroon Gilani, Abdullah Gul, Liaqat Baloch and others participated in the meeting.


The participants of the meeting criticized the women protection bill saying that it is against the Sharia and social values. Council of Islamic Ideology has rejected the bill declaring it unconstitutional.


The representatives of the religious parties said that government want to destroy family system of Pakistan through women protection bill. Hafiz Saeed criticized government saying that women protection bill has been passed by Punjab Assembly to please the Western countries.


In the unanimous declaration after meeting religious parties leaders warned to stage nationwide protest in case of implementation of controversial bill.

Religious groups vowed to combat together against liberal and secular ideologies.