Rehearsals for Pakistan Day parade on March 23 in full swing


ISLAMABAD: The preparation has reached to its peak in federal capital Islamabad for Pakistan Day as the rehearsals for Pakistan Day parade on March 23 are continuing in full swing.


As per details, the contingents of Pak Army, Pak Navy, PAF, Pak Rangers and Police are participating in rehearsals for Pakistan Day parade. The parade will be held in Shakar Pariyan Ground on March 23.


Contingents of Armed forces will take part in the Pakistan Day parade to celebrate the day with national zest and zeal.


According to sources, PAF F-16, JF 17 Thunder, Miraj, and Sher Dil Formation of K8 jets are taking part in rehearsals while Cobra Helicopter of Army Aviation are also participating in rehearsals.


During the rehearsals, para troops of Army, Navy and PAF performed free-fall through helicopters from a height of ten thousand feet and practiced to salute the chief guest of March 23 parade.


Gen. Commander SSG is leading the para troopers in rehearsals while rehearsals are also being continued for the security arrangements of Pakistan Day parade.