Mother Teresa to be made Roman Catholic Saint by Pope Francis


ROME: Pope Francis announced that Mother Teresa to be made a Roman Catholic Church saint.


“Pope Francis today approved Mother Teresa’s elevation to sainthood and set September 4 as the date for her canonization,” Vatican spokesperson said.


She is the most well known among the five candidates for sainthood considered by Vatican.


Mother Teresa was a founder of Missionaries of Charity and served the institute for 45 years.


The final step towards sainthood was taken in December by Pope Francis.


Mother Teresa formed the institute in 1950s and was also awarded a noble prize for her work in 1979.


She helped the miserable people in Kolkata and died in 1997 at the age of 87.


It is not decided yet that either the ceremony of sainthood will took place in Kolkata, India or at the Vatican city in Rome