Halal Night Club controversy hits Saudi Arabia

Halal Night Club controversy hits Saudi Arabia

JEDDAH – The Halal Night Club controversy has hit Saudi Arabia as social media has stormed against it.

Saudi authorities on Saturday decided to close the ‘Hilal nightclub’, which was supposed to open in the coastal city after social media witnessed a storm of protests against the club’s opening.

Dubai and Beirut nightclub brand White said this week that a new branch would open its doors in Jeddah, reports The New Arab.

Those in favour of the latest venue, which will only serve non-alcoholic cocktails, tweeted using the Arabic-language hashtag #JeddahDisco.

Opponents of the move expressed their frustration under the rival hashtag meaning: “I don’t accept forbidden acts on Jeddah beach”.

The Saudi General Authority for Entertainment ended the social media wars in the kingdom when it declared it was opening an immediate investigation into the night club that had been a “violation of the legal proceedings” and “had not been licensed”.

White had lined up American singer Ne-Yo for its opening night, with entry costing between €71-€222 per person.

“Was excited to perform for you and en route to the venue I was told it had been shut down,” Ne-Yo posted on Instagram.