Pakistan reaffirms stance of no first nuclear testing

Pakistan reaffirms stance of no first nuclear testing

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has reaffirmed its stance to maintain voluntary moratorium on nuclear testing in the ministerial meeting that was held at Vienna by Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO).

As per details, Pakistan envoy in Vienna Ayesha Riaz  participated in the meeting and said that Pakistan is committed with the objectives and purposes of CTBTO .

During the meeting, she assured that Pakistan does not believe to join nuclear arms race and Pakistan would not be the first to restart nuclear testing in its region. She also emphasized to end discriminatory practices as it will be helpful for strengthen non-proliferation regime.

While expressing her concerns over US support for India membership in NSG , she added that it was a golden opportunity to integrate CTBT as a non-proliferation benchmark but it was missed due to influence of US for immunity to India and India is being supported by US for its membership in NSG without singing NPT.


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