Ayyan Ali : Why She has been made a scapegoat ?

Ayyan Ali : Why She has been made a scapegoat ?

KARACHI: Model girl Ayyan Ali has been stopped once again to leave for Dubai by FIA officials due to inclusion of her name again in ECL while she returned to her home from Karachi Airport with heavy heart.

As per details, after a long period judicial battle Ayyan Ali name was removed from ECL on the verdict of Sindh High Court but she has been stopped by FIA and immigration officials when she reached at Karachi Airport to leave for Dubai today.

Source said that Ayyan Ali name has been placed in ECL again on the plea of late custom inspector Ayaz Mahmood widow while a reference against Ayyan Ali  has been sent to Interior Ministry by Punjab government and that’s why she has been not allowed to leave for abroad.


Ayyan Ali says that she has been made a scapegoat as a result of a tussle between the big guns and she has been used to settle the scores and enmities between the Political Rivals.


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