Artifical Intelligence to change the Hajj We know, An altogether New experience

Artifical Intelligence to change the Hajj We know, An altogether New experience

DUBAI – The Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah has published on its Youtube channel a video giving an insight on how Haj as we know it today will change in 2030.

Saudi vision 2030 doesn’t only tackle economic and public sector development but also Haj and Umrah services will be improved. Artificial intelligence and technology as announced by Minister of Haj and Umrah, Mohammad Saleh bin Taher Benten, will give pilgrims to Makkah a high quality experience.

According to the video, Muslims from around the world who intend to undertake Haj would have to apply through a mobile application, and within a few days, they will receive a box that contains an electronic card, a bracelet, and an earphone.

The pilgrims should keep these three items with them at all times during the Haj.

On arrival at any of the airports, the electronic card will get the pilgrims through customs, and on board of Al Haram fast train that will drop each person to the hotel registered on the card. The card will also be used to open the hotel room door, without checking in.

The video shows that pilgrim’s luggage will be transferred to each hotel room in a separate process.

The bracelet will have all the information of the pilgrim, with the earphones must be worn during the days of haj.

The bracelet will count the number of rounds around the Ka’aba, so one doesn’t lose count. The earphone will help in reciting the Duaa each pilgrim should be saying at each point.

Even during Al Sai the bracelet counts and will send an alarm to the pilgrim at the point where he is supposed to start jogging. Also losing a relative or a friend will no longer be a problem in 2030. Tracking will be through their card through the phone application.

As pilgrims from all over the world come to haj, language has been a major barrier between them and the local officials and facilitators, but the earphone has solved that as it will be acting as a translator.

‘Makkah Route’

Development of Haj and Umrah services have already started and Saudi Arabia has officially launched its first service “Makkah route” in Malaysia and Indonesia.

"Makkah Route" allows Malaysian and Indonesian pilgrims to do immigration preclearance from their airports.

Their luggage was sorted before takeoff according to their transportation and housing arrangements in Saudi Arabia. So when they landed in Saudi Arabia they headed directly to their accommodations without having to deal with any entry procedure, to find their bags in their rooms.

The service is to be tested for this year, and in coming years to be implemented in more countries.